Pasquin Air Compressors


Silenced Rotary Screw

- Models to suit any application
- From 5.5hp up to 100hp motors
- Up to 10BAR working pressure
- Free standing and Receiver mounted
- Noise levels of 68-70db
- Compact design
- Energy efficient

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3-Phase Industrial

- Ten models available
- From 293 L/Min to 1,913 L/Min
- Up to 1100KPA working pressure
- Static configuration
- Motor sizes from 2.2KW to 15KW
- Overload protection
- Receivers are DIR AS1210-3 approved

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240 Volt Industrial

- Seven models available
- From 205 L/Min to 289 L/Min
- Up to 1000KPA working pressure
-Non-Perishable copper discharge pipes
-Electric motor overload protection
- Receivers are AS 1210-3 approved

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Petrol Industrial

- Six models available
- From 148 L/Min to 981 L/Min
- Up to 1100KPA working pressure
- Full engine idle-down control
- From 205hp up to 11hp engines
- Powered by Honda petrol engines

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State of the art refrigerated air dryers. The innovative ALUMINIUM COOLING MODULE minimizes pressure drop, minimizing power consumption & power costs.

- Thirteen models available
- Easy to use control panel
- “Hot Gas” by-pass valve
- Timed electronic drain

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FT Filter Series

- Ten models available
– Easy to read differential pressure gauge
– Protected filter head & bowl threads
– Filter bodies are anodised to prevent corrosion

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