Lever Less Tyre Changers

When it comes to “Lever Less” technology, we have the best of both worlds. The AS-944T.i LL with SRM is our conventional style tyre changer with the added benefit of Lever Less technology. Imagine the strength and durability of a conventional tyre changer but with the latest technology of a “Lever Less” fitment tool. The AS-988 – Raptor is the ultimate “Lever Less” Tyre changer. It offers quick pneumatically controlled centre clamping, dynamic bead breakers, wheel lifter and superior wheel fitment sizes. Both machines offer technology in a safe and user friendly package.


AS988 Raptor

The new AS-988 Raptor is a new concept in “tyre-leverless” tyre changers. It features a special design fitting foot which alleviates the need for a tyre lever all packaged in a user friendly conventional design. This machine represents the complete professional package.

Features include:
- patented design “tyre-leverless’ fitting foot.
- twin Dynamic Bead Looseners ( twin bead breaker rollers )
- tyre lifter
- pressmate arm to assist in fitment and removal of                                                        low profile tyres
                                                    - centre mount clamping for effortless clamping
                                                    - 28” rim diameter capacity
                                                    - 15” rim width capacity
                                                    - 240 volt 2 speed motor
                                                    - RFT approved

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AS944Ti Lever Less

Designed to exceed market demands and your expectations the AS-944T.i LL features the latest Lever-Less technology and combines it with the strength and durability of a conventional tyre changer. The result is the perfect tyre changer: easy to use with reduced operator fatigue, less risk of rim damage and the perfect combination of technology with simplicity and durability. The AS-944T.i LL is great for low profile or Runflat tyres and most importantly it’s extremely cost effective.

Features include:
- 10”-24” outside clamping
                                                    - 14” rim width
                                                    - 2 speed rotation
                                                    - tubeless inflation jets
                                                    - multi-functional side roller arm

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