Truck Tyre Changers

We have five truck tyre changers in our range. All our truck tyre changers have an articulated control arm that ensure all controls are at chest height and with no tripping hazard. The perfect one depends on your application. From truck and bus to the ultra-large agricultural and small earthmover tyres, we have the machine. The range starts at the TB-126N up to the largest machine TBE-56 Terra. We also have a customised option like our MTTC, mobile truck set-up.



Semi-automatic Truck and Bus tyre changer.

Features include:
- Dual speed rotation
- Manual bead breaker rotation
- 14” to 26” rim capacity
- Up to 780mm width / 1500mm diameter rim
- Patented manoeuvrable control arm
- Ideal for all wheels, alcoa or spider

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Semi-automatic truck & tractor tyre changer for all truck / bus / tractor / agricultural / industrial wheels.

-14” to 44” rim capacity
– Patented manoeuvrable control arm
– Single acting head assembly
– 1065 mm max width
-2300 mm max diameter
– Bead breaker capacity 3500 kg
- Ideal for all commercial, Farm and Industrial applications .
- Optional 45” to 56” Rim Extensions

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TBE-156 Super

Fully automatic Truck and Tractor tyre changer.

Features include:
- Patented manoeuvrable control arm
- Dual speed rotation & transverse movement ensures quick operation
- Fully automated transverse movement and bead breaker rotation
- 14” to 56” rim capacity
- Up to 1200mm width / 2450mm diameter
- 3500kg bead breaker capacity

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TBE-56 Terra

Our strongest & largest fully automatic Truck, Tractor & Earth mover tyre changer.

Features include:
- Patented manoeuvrable control arm
- Dual speed chucking head rotation & transverse movement ensure quick operation
- Fully automated transverse movement and bead breaker rotation
- maximum rim clamping capacity 14″ to 56″
- maximum rim width 1500mm
- maximum wheel diameter 2700mm
- maximum bead breaker force 3700kg

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TB-122  Mobile Truck Tyre Centre (MTTC)

Custom built mobile vehicle with fitting and balancing Equipment, accessories and hydraulic lifts to make this the new standard in Fleet customer service and road side service.
Features include:
- 14” – 26” truck tyre changer
- 17HP Lombardini Diesel generator
- 32 cfm air compressor / 90litre tank