Modolfo Ferro

Italian made tyre and automotive equipment

Our research has always been geared towards proposing the best for our customers through constant technological updating. Our untiring efforts led us to become leader in the sector and to plan our first shipment to Australia back in. Today we still continue to focus on experimentation so that our machines keep always abreast of the times, and we are ready to accept the challenge of the third millennium.

Tyre changers, wheel balancers, lifts, wheel aligners, roller-and plate-type brake testers, play detectors and exhaust gas analyzers are all created with the Company’s own know-how. The R&D department is a veritable “company within a company”, and forms a perfect chain made up of independent, synergic departments: a market research centre which gleans and often anticipates new market requirements, a highly advanced technical department where virtual simulation takes place thanks to 3D CAD, an electronic research centre equipped with the most sophisticated technology and lastly, a technologically advanced prototype department.

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Eagle SMF was established in 1964 by Tony Vitagliani to service the growing needs of the tyre industry. Eagle SMF was the first company to introduce the electric tyre changer and platform lifts into Australia.

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