We cater for a complete range of tyre changers.
The basic configuration of all tyres from swing-arm machines to high performance tilt-back machines. The tilt-back models can be optioned with roller arms and wheel lifters.
All machines can have motor cycle and ATV attachments added.


State of the art machinery

Our revolutionary machines use an industry-first method of obtaining the complete profile of the tire and wheel in one spin cycle. The abundant features result in no guess work or intervention on the technician’s part.


The most prestigious wheel alignment equipment

Our products enable precise tuning of the adjustable wheel angles so that they are set to the maker’s specifications. We have access to a range of aligners for passenger and 4WD cars as well as large automobiles such as trucks and buses.


We cater for a complete range of vehicle lifts.

With access to a range of specialised platform scissor hoists, under belly platforms and two and four post lifts enabling the operator to raise vehicles for all occasions and repairs.

Eagle SMF stock all your

favourite tyre and automotive equipment:

We believe the combination of our local and international automotive supplies are the best in the world. As a trusted partner of Mondolfo Ferro, Pasquin, Haweka, Tecalemit, Pilot and Compac we can provide you with the most reliable and technologically advanced equipment in the world. Each brand we are associated with offers something different and unique to your workshop but most of all they offer quality products that will last you decades.

As well as supplying quality equipment Eagle SMF also offer quality services to ensure your equipment maintains high performance.

Products we supply and service:

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